Nothing’s Too Small

One of the greatest realizations I ever had as a Christian was understanding that, though there is nothing TOO BIG for God to handle there is also nothing too small.  It’s so easy to forget this, but the reality is that I/we should really turn to Him in every daily thing we need help with and/or direction on – big or small.
This understanding came in quite handy today as I sat in bumper to bumper traffic in downtown Orlando due to some construction that was taking place. Not going to lie, my initial reaction when it became clear that I was going nowhere fast, was “Really???” I felt my patience nerves begin to twitch. I wasn’t feeling that great, I was tired; it was getting ready to storm, and I just wanted my 30 minute drive home to be accomplished in those 30 minutes.
But, as quickly as my initial reaction occurred; rather than continue on the possible path of impatience and all that it might entail I asked for a little help from my Father. I asked Him to help me be patient with all the things I could not control – and there were a lot of those…….like the red light that went from red to green then back to red 3x without the traffic moving an inch; or the woman who was pressing on her horn over and over in long stretched out beeeeeeeps to get back at the man who had blocked her from moving up more. The opportunities to “lose it” were plenty and there were plenty who did “lose it”. But, I was not one those people. Seem silly? I hope not, because He truly helped me stay calm. Maybe for you having patience on the road isn’t an issue, but there’s some other area that you struggle with. But, because it doesn’t seem “big” you think you should be able to handle it on your own. Well, you don’t. Reliance on self – no matter the magnitude of the issue – is no where in God’s message. I hope you’ll remember that and, next time, turn whatever it may be over to Him.

“In all your ways acknowledge (seek) Him; and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:6

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