A Personal Note about “Coincidence”

Two days ago I had a text exchange with a dear friend, who I have not seen in “far too long”. The text exchange was prompted by a prayer request for my mom that I sent to her. Today, I came to visit my mom and took her to run an errand. We had barely entered the *store before I looked up only to see my friend walking down the same aisle. Coincidence? As a matter fact, yes – God ordained.
Did you know that the word coincidence is translated from the Greek word Synkyrian? The word Synkyrian is a combination of 2 words: Sun and Kurios.
Sun means “together with”;
Kurios means “supreme in authority”.
Thus, a Biblical definition of coincidence would be “what occurs by God’s providential arrangement of circumstances”.
What appears to us as random chance is in fact overseen by a sovereign God.

I knew the moment I saw my friend, that God had sent her today. In the brief exchange, she provided encouragement and faith that God’s hands are all over my mom’s situation. Thank you God for your love and for sending my friend along our path today.

*note: the place I saw my friend is somewhere she purposely goes out of her way to run this particular errand so that she won’t run into anyone she knows (LOL). In addition to that, it’s somewhere that I haven’t been to in a couple of years. Yep, God is amazing.

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