War Room

The movie War Room is a new Christian film about the power of prayer, with the specific story line focusing on a married couple whose relationship is heading for disaster. As someone who got it (marriage) wrong the first time around, I was deeply impacted by the movie.

I see myself as the elderly lady, Clara. She, too, got it wrong, and hopes to encourage other women to take a better path; to have a better strategy; to use all the resources available (with prayer and JESUS being the greatest resource of all). Cause ladies it’s a WAR, and the enemy doesn’t want to see “happily ever after” exist.

All praise and glory to God, I have 2 beautiful, healthy children, and He redeemed my story further by giving me a second chance at love and by adding 3 more children and others who make my life and Morgan and Alex’s lives more rich. I could go on and on, but let me just encourage you to:

1. See the movie (even if you are currently experiencing wedded “bliss”);
2. Ladies: Pray for your husbands (husband’s pray for your wives too);
3. Encourage your friends who are married, or in relationships with the person they hope to wed, to see the movie. I shared my thoughts with 3 young ladies at work who I don’t ever want to see go through the hardships of divorce; and
4. Pray some more.

There really is so much more to say….. I am actually considering seeing it again.

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