God’s Presence

“Though it may be hard to see His face in others at times, make sure it isn’t hard for them to see His face in you.”

“We are to be the Presence of Christ among other believers; not only when we worship in one place, but also when we serve together in the world.  Whether at church buildings, in homes, or in other venues, we are to give and receive the Presence to and from each other.”

Be His Presence:

“by expressing his attitudes, speaking His words, seeking His wisdom and revelation, offering His solutions, and exercising His gifts.  Anytime you operate in His Spirit, you are offering His Presence to others.  And others need that from you as much as you need it from them.

“Learn to see yourself as a bearer of the Spirit – not a perfect one, of course, but an essential one.  Learn to see others that way too.”

from Experiencing God’s Presence, Tie Green

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