As He Speaks to me; May He Speak to you


This past week the Lord, knowing all of my struggles – the greatest being the unexpected passing of my mother 7 weeks ago – has been impressing Psalm 23 upon me. Specifically, I have heard the His Spirit speak verse 1 : “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.”

Today, at the encouragement of my husband, Michael, I sat out back sitting in silence. The purpose: to de-clutter my mind and JUST BE WITH GOD.

Thirty minutes into this exercise, He impressed Psalm 23 on me again. This time, I pulled out my bible and read the entire Psalm. He prompted me to write out a more simplified version and to take the words He was giving me and recite them out loud as a reminder of the declarations contained within them. He wanted me claim them; because through Him they are mine to be claimed. So, I did;  and should you wish to claim them too, here they are:

The Lord

cares for me

– provides for me

– guides me

– protects me

I do not want for anything, because [in Him] I do not lack anything.

Rest and Peace are found in Him.

My Spirit and Soul are fed through Him.

He quenches any thirst I have.

Through my obedience, in Jesus’ name, He leads me in the direction I should go.

Even in the most difficult times, when the noise of the world; self; and evil are deafening, I can trust Him fully; and be rid of all fears.

I am invited to His table EVERY DAY – to taste and experience the endless richness of what His grace and mercy serves–

Not only in this life, but for all of eternity.


How beautiful of a reminder is that?

May you memorize this and keep it close.

God Bless You All. ❤



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